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Piles and Ayurveda - What to Expect

The Veins in the anal canal are affected by irregular function of defecation. It is further aggravated by continuous straining or sitting for longer time while passing stool. The veins get swollen up and appear in the form of piles. The other factors which help in development of piles are Constipation, controlling nature calls, obesity, sedentary lifestyle,  less intake of fiber-rich foods, too much intake of meat and fish, and spicy and heavy foods.

The Four Stages of Piles: Piles are classified into four stages.
  • First stage-- painless bleeding while passing stool is the only symptoms.
  • Second stage-- along with painless bleeding, pile masses also protrude out during defecation followed by spontaneous reduction.
  • Third stage --   After the 2nd stage when the Pile mass enlarges further and they do not get reduced by themselves but patient has to push them inside rectum. This is characterized as 3rd stage.
  • Fourth stage – In chronic cases; the Pile masses are big enough and tend to come out of rectum while walking, coughing, sneezing etc. This is called as 4th stage

Treatment: In first and second stage; Kshar Karma along with medicines is quite effective. Sometimes it has to be combined with sclerotherapy. In the third and fourth stage; Ksharsutra ligation is the treatment of choice.

Ksharsutra ligation is a highly specific and curative treatment for hemorrhoids. In this therapy; the Pile masses are ligated by Ksharsutra under local anesthesia. Pile mass shrinks and detaches in a week or 10 days. There is no bleeding, no hospitalization and no bed rest required. Patient can continue his normal routine activities as usual.

Home remedies: Terminalia Chebula is an excellent remedy to control constipation and leads to painless defecation. Taking one spoon of it along with a spoon of jaggery before food two times a day is effective. Triphala acts a natural cleanser, and hence effective to do away with the symptoms of piles. Buttermilk consumption can reduce body heat, which causes piles. It also curbs the irritation.

Foods with high fiber content like fruits, salads etc. act as colon cleansers, and you can stay off from recurring piles by adding them to your diet.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Piles are Permanent and You can not get rid or it for whole it!! Fact or Myth??

Piles are Permanent and You can not get rid or it for whole it!!

Fact or Myth??

This is a Myth!!
There are three sites for Pile masses to appear i.e. 3, 7 &11 o’clock. Pile masses treated on one site have tendency to recur at other site if bowel habits are not regulated and lifestyle is not improved. However in Ayurveda; the treatment of piles is done with holistic approach and all the factors which may lead to recurrence of the disease are properly taken care of. Hence with Ayurveda; Piles can be treated completely.

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Common treatment for Pilonidal sinus

Common treatment for Pilonidal sinus

- Usually surgery (Z-plasty) is recommended which has recurrence rate of about 20 %
- Fibrin Glu Injection is another treatment but results are not
- Laser treatment has also been tried but the chances of recurrence are always there.
- Medicinal treatment has very limited role.Symptomatic relief in
swelling and discharges is noticed for some time but it recurs.
- Graded Ksharsutra TM
Treatment is the best non surgical treatment for this disease with
predictably 0% recurrence.

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