Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sushruta Anorectal Institute - Most reliable Center for Treating Anorectal Diseases

Unique features of SARI:
1) More than 35,000 pt. suffering from Ano Rectal Diseases were treated till 31 Dec 2016
2) More than 30 years vast experience in treating exclusively Ano Rectal Diseases
3) Only center in India equipped with facility of Graded Kshar Sutra
4) Only center in India with recurrence rate predictably 0% in Anal Fistula patients.

5) Very complicated high anal fistula and recurrent fistulae where major surgery like Colostomy was performed but fistula
recurrence reported; have been cured successfully.
6) Patient who has undergone 3 or 4 surgeries with VAAFT or MAFT failure have also been successfully treated
7) Many overseas patients suffering from Anal Fistula have been successfully treated using Graded Kshar Sutra at this center.
8) We have treated a record no. of patients
suffering from Ano Rectal diseases as compared to any other center in Delhi

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Ksharsutra Treatment for Childhood Fistula

Kshar Sutra treatment is equally effective in
children suffering from Anal Fistula. No. of
sittings for Ksharsutra change are usually less
as compared to Anal Fistula in an adult.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ksharsutra Treatment for Fistula

Kshar Sutra is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment. In this treatment medicated thread is ligated in Fistula tract. Medicines present in this thread have strong debriding action which results in cutting and healing of Fistula tract simultaneously. Medicine present in Ksharsutra remains effective for about 7 days. So this thread needs to be changed with a fresh medicated thread at weekly or 10 days interval. No. of sitting for Ksharsutra depends on length, depth and branching pattern of fistula tract.

Kshar Sutra treatment has been clinically evaluated by Indian Council for Medical
Research (ICMR). These clinical trials have confirmed that Ksharsutra treatment is more
effective and more convenient in anal fistula treatment.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ksharsutra Treatment better than VAAFT/ Surgery

Kshar Sutra treatment is better than VAAFT/Fistula Surgery for following reasons:

1. There is no complication in Ksharsutra treatment whereas complications like 
stool incontinence (inability to hold stool), pain, bleeding and complications related with anesthesia are usually seen in VAAFT/ Surgery

2. Recurrence rate of Fistula after surgery/ VAAFT is about 20% i.e. one in 5 patients undergoing fistula surgery/ VAAFT has recurrence of Fistula whereas in Ksharsutra there is predictably 0% recurrence rate.

3. No hospitalization or bed rest is required in Ksharsutra treatment but in Fistula surgery/ VAAFT hospitalization & bed rest are mandatory.

4. Patient under Ksharsutra treatment can continue his normal routine activities as usual whereas in Fistula Surgery/ VAAFT routine life is severely affected.

5. Kshar Sutra Treatment is more economical than VAAFT/ Fistula Surgery.

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Best Treatment for Fistula

Graded Ksharsutra Treatment does not require Hospitalization or bed rest. During this treatment; patient can continue normal routine activities as usual. Results of Ksharsutra Treatment are far better than Surgery & VAAFT. Hence it is the treatment of choice for Anal Fistula patients.

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Ksharsutra - A Ray of Hope for Anal Fistula

Clinical trials conducted by Indian Council for
Medical Research at AIIMS, New Delhi; and
PGI Chandigarh have proved that Ksharsutra
treatment is more effective and more
convenient than Surgery in the patients of Anal

Consult Dr SK Singh to get proper Treatment.
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