Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ksharsutra Treatment better than VAAFT/ Surgery

Kshar Sutra treatment is better than VAAFT/Fistula Surgery for following reasons:

1. There is no complication in Ksharsutra treatment whereas complications like 
stool incontinence (inability to hold stool), pain, bleeding and complications related with anesthesia are usually seen in VAAFT/ Surgery

2. Recurrence rate of Fistula after surgery/ VAAFT is about 20% i.e. one in 5 patients undergoing fistula surgery/ VAAFT has recurrence of Fistula whereas in Ksharsutra there is predictably 0% recurrence rate.

3. No hospitalization or bed rest is required in Ksharsutra treatment but in Fistula surgery/ VAAFT hospitalization & bed rest are mandatory.

4. Patient under Ksharsutra treatment can continue his normal routine activities as usual whereas in Fistula Surgery/ VAAFT routine life is severely affected.

5. Kshar Sutra Treatment is more economical than VAAFT/ Fistula Surgery.

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