Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Treatment for Fistula without surgery by Ksharsutra Treatment

Anal fistula presents as a nodular swelling in peri anal region. Occasional pus discharge is noticed followed by relief in pain and discomfort. As a treatment option; anti-biotics are tried in starting.
With out any doubt; Anti biotics benefit in this problem as these treat the underlying infection.

But anti biotics are not the treatment for Anal fistula. Anti biotics only treat the infection. Fistula tract is the most favorable site for developing infection. This is the reason that a fistula patients notices recurrent pus discharge. You treat infection.... for some time things will be fine..... again infection develops...... resulting in pus formation and associated discomfort....... take anti botics....... treat infection....... after some time again infection develops....... in this a vicious cycle starts and pt. finds himself helpless.. 

As we have understood that simple treating infection s not the solution for fistula we need to destroy the fistula tract so modern medicine recommends surgery as the only treatment for fistula. But there are many complications associated with surgery for fistula. Stool incontinence i.e. inability to hold stool/ recurrence of fistula are most disturbing among these. Even recent surgical interventions like VAAFT or MAFT are also having these complications. Considering these points Surgery can not be recommended as a full proof treatment for Anal fistula. 

In these circumstances Ksharsutra Treatment is a ray of hope Anal fistula patients as Ksharsutra treatment assures treatment for Anal fistula. Predictably there is 0% recurrence in Ksharsutra treatment for Anal fistula. 

In 1990 Indian Council for Medical Research (I.C.M.R.) conducted clinical trials to compare effectiveness of surgery and ksharsutra treatment in Anal Fistula at AIIMS Delhi, PGI Chandigarh and some other premier institutes of medical science. These trials confirmed that Ksharsutra Treatment is more effective and convenient than all other treatments in Anal Fistula.

                                 Surgery                                                     Ksharsutra
*Chances of recurrence of Fistula in about 15 %       *There is no recurrence of Fistula after         cases after Surgery/ VAAFT                                            Ksharsutra Treatment
*Complications like stool incontinence are observed *There is no such complication after Ksharsutra after surgery for Fistula                                                 treatment for fistula
*Hospitalization required                                            * No hospitalization is required
*Bed rest is required for a considerable time              *No need for bed rest; Pt. can join his working Period                                                                             on very same day of Ksharsutra treatment
*Dressing of wound required for a long time period  *There is no wound formation in Ksharsutra                                                                                            treatment so no need for dressings

At Sushruta Anorectal Institute; we are treating Anal Fistula patients with about 100% success rate. Complicated Anal fistula cases like high anal fistula, multiple fistula, inter sphincteric fistula are also treated successfully with 0% recurrence till date. 

Please visit ayurcure.com/fistula-treatment.aspx for more details about Ksharsutra treatmnet for fistula.

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