Sunday, November 11, 2018

Is Surgery the Only Treatment for Anal fistula?

Is Surgery the Only Treatment for Anal fistula?

No! Not at all!!
Treatment of choice for a disease is that which cures the disease completely and there is no complication associated with the treatment.
Generally Surgery is recommended for Anal Fistula. But there are many complications in Surgery for Anal
Fistula like

  1. Incontinence (inability to hold stool); Damage done to the anal sphincter muscle during surgery leads to inability to hold the stool.Leakage of Stools is especially prominent during loose motion.
  2. Recurrence of Fistula –In about 25% of cases recurrence has been reported after surgery/ VAAFT.
  3. Surgery is done under general Anesthesia so complications associated with General anesthesia are also involved.
  4. Daily routine is also hampered in Surgery for Anal fistula as hospitalization followed by bed rest is necessary.
Whereas in Ksharsutra treatment for Anal Fistula
  1. There are negligible chances of recurrence;
  2. Incontinence is never observed.
  3. Kshar Sutra treatment is done under Local Anesthesia; which is the safer than General Anesthesia
  4. No hospitalization or bed rest is necessary in Ksharsutra treatment. Patient can continue his normal daily routine as usual.
Clinical trials conducted by Indian Council for Medical Research at AIIMS Delhi; PGI Chandigarh etc. have concluded that Ksharsutra Treatment is more effective and convenient as compared to surgery in the patients of Anal Fistula.
Therefore Surgery is not a good choice for Anal Fistula treatment Kshar Sutra treatment should be preferred for the reasons explained above.

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